Arrest Warrant Issued Against Bollywood Actress Zareen Khan in Cheating Case

Kolkata: Bollywood actress Zareen Khan has been issued an arrest warrant by a Kolkata court in connection with an alleged cheating case dating back to 2018. The case stems from an incident when Khan was scheduled to perform during a Durga Puja function in Kolkata but failed to appear.

The event organizers filed a complaint against Khan and her manager, alleging cheating. An FIR was registered, and they were summoned for questioning. Khan appeared for questioning and claimed she had been misled by the organizers.

Khan stated that she was initially told that prominent ministers, including Bengal’s chief minister, would attend the event, but it turned out to be a small-scale affair in north Kolkata. Additionally, there was alleged miscommunication regarding flight tickets and accommodations, which led to her absence.

Khan filed a case against the event organizers, and following an investigation, a chargesheet was filed against both her and her manager. While her manager sought bail and appeared before the court, Khan neither sought bail nor appeared in court.

Regarding the recent arrest warrant, Khan expressed surprise and stated that she is consulting with her lawyer to clarify the matter. She emphasized that she believes there is no truth to the allegations.

The case remains ongoing, with further legal proceedings expected as the matter unfolds.

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