“How Much Money Given to Suffering Kashmiri Hindus”, Asha Parekh’s Pinching Question to ‘The Kashmir Files’ Makers

In a recent interview, Bollywood legend Asha Parekh criticised the makers of the 2022 film ‘The Kashmir Files’ for not contributing a part of the film’s earnings to the Hindus living in Jammu and Kashmir.

In an interview with CNBC Awaaz, Asha Parekh said,”Main thoda sa controversial statement karna chahti hoon (I will say something controversial now). The film’s producer made Rs 400 crore. Toh unhone kitne paise diye unko jo Hindu Kashmiri hai, jo Jammu mein rehte hain, jinke paase pani nahi hai, electricity nahi hai, unko unhone kitne paise diye? (How much money did the makers give for the welfare of the Hindus living in Jammu without access to water and electricity?)”

She further added, “Unhone paise kamaye hai, distributor ka share hoga, unka share hoga? Chaliye Rs 400 crore mein se Rs 200 crore kamaye hai, toh Rs 50 crore bhi toh de sakte the na (Suppose the producers earned Rs 200 crore out of the film’s Rs 400 crore collection, they could have donated Rs 50 crore to help Kashmiri Hindus, right?)”


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