Know Why Priyanka Chopra’s Dad Put Bars On Windows When She Returned To India At 16

New Delhi: Priyanka Chopra recently got candid about studying in the US for four years and returning to India.

In a recent interview, PeeCee revealed about how her father was paranoid after a boy jumped onto her balcony of the house. Following the same, her dad, who passed away in 2013, installed bars on windows at their home.

During an interview on The Howard Stern Show, Priyanka recalled the time she returned to India at the age of 16. Going down memory lane, the global star opened up about how the balcony-break-in incident took place.

“My dad was super paranoid because he sent to America, a 12-year-old with braids, and trying to be cool. So I got my hair blown out, which was the only thing I had ever done. I come back after all of these American hormones and the food. I come back a little bit more woman than my dad would have anticipated at 16. When I went back to India and I was in this small town and I was peacocking like I peacocked in my American high school I had boys follow me home,” she said.

The actress further mentioned, “One of them jumped into my balcony at night. That’s why my dad was like, ‘F*** this, bars, all your jeans are confiscated, you are going to wear Indian suits, nothing happening. I had a driver drive me everywhere. He was freaked out. I get it but then my career happened. I feel so bad for my dad.”

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