600 Die of Cholera in Zambia, India Sends 3.5-Tonne Humanitarian Aid

Zambia is facing one of the worst cholera epidemics in its history. According to a BBC report, nearly 600 people have died and over 15,000 have been infected by cholera since October 2023 in this African nation.

At this juncture, India has sent 3.5 tonnes of humanitarian aid to the southern African nation. The aid includes water purification supplies, chlorine tablets, and ORS sachets.

Nine out of Zambia’s 10 provinces have reported cholera cases. Lusaka city is the worst affected. Here the patients are being treated in a makeshift treatment centre outside the National Heroes Stadium.

The Zambia government has started a mass vaccination program along with the provision of 2.4 million litres of purified water every day in the affected areas. A public awareness campaign has also been launched across the nation.

But heavy rains continue to hamper access to safe water in many parts of the country.

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