Avoid eating these things in the month of Shravan: See the list

New Delhi: Lord Shiva’s favorite month of Shravan begins from July 14, 2022. According to astrology, worshipping Shiva in this month is twice fruitful. This year, the month of Shravan will start on July 14 and run until August 12. This means that devotees of Lord Shiva can worship him for 24 days. It is said that the one who fasts on Monday this month fulfills all his wishes. Every year many devotees fast during this holy month. So let’s find out what foods to eat during the month of Shravan .

Brinjal:- In Hindu scriptures, brinjal are not considered pure. When it comes to religious and spiritual matters, eggplants are considered ugly. So in the month of Shravan, you should avoid eating brinjal.

Alcohol:- Drinking during this month is not considered good. It is believed that alcohol has a negative effect, so one should abstain from alcohol during this holy month. It is recommended to abstain from alcohol during the month of Shravan due to negative energy.

Onion and Garlic:- If you want to have healthy dinner, you should avoid onions and garlic in addition to eggplant. These two vegetables should be avoided during the fasting month of Shravan. In fact, onions and garlic are considered hot or vengeful.

Non-Veg:-  During the month of Shravan, non-veg foods, including meat, chicken, eggs and fish, are recommended to be avoided. The truth behind this is that eating vegetarian food means eating animals after death. So if you are worshiping or fasting during the month of Shravan, stay away from non-veg food for a few days.

Spices:- During the month of Shravan, you should avoid all spices except red chili powder, coriander powder, table salt. A different type of food is scheduled for fasting on Monday, which should be observed during fasting.

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