Clap your hands, stay healthy…Easiest way to stay healthy

New Delhi: From any event to sports, religious conferences, clapping is important everywhere. But do you know that clapping is also very beneficial for human health. This is evidenced by many health review studies.

According to a report published in September 2017 issue of the journal International Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, clapping is quite beneficial for health. The report said that the health of those who clapped together in the park had a negative impact on their health. The people’s MRI was done who clapped. At the time, their brains were found to be quite active. The report also said that clapping would strengthen the immune system and improve blood circulation.

According to acupressure, clapping affects all pressure points. It is very good for health. Regular clapping reduces bad cholesterol in the body. This also relieves high blood pressure, heart disease and respiratory disease. If there is any kind of problem in the stomach, it is cured by clapping. Regular clapping for 30 minutes relieves diabetes, depression, anxiety, insomnia, premature hair loss. Clap is also good for babies. It helps to improve the concentration of children.

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