Dutch Man Dies After Longest COVID-19 Infection of 613 Days, Virus Mutated 50 Times in His Body

A 72-year-old Dutch man died after suffering the longest recorded COVID-19 infection of 613 days. According to the researchers of the Amsterdam University Medical Center, he died in December 2023.

The unnamed victim got infected with COVID-19 in February 2022. The case study of the 72-year-old man will be presented by the researchers at a medical summit in Barcelona next week.

The researchers were astonished to find that the COVID virus mutated over 50 times in his body to at last turn into an ultra-mutated variant, reported the TIME.

Despite receiving multiple doses of COVID-19 vaccines before he got infected with the Omicron variant, the patient’s immune system failed to fight the virus.

His infection period surpassed the 505-day infection of a British man who died as well.

While the mutant variant in the Dutch man’s body did not spread, but its presence hinted how the pandemic-causing virus can change genetically to produce new variants of the pathogen.

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