Eat these foods to get reduce stress: Get relief from unnecessary stress

Odisha Bhaskar: Various problems these days have increased the mental pressure of people. Everyone from small children to old people is under stress. Even some youth groups are taking some wrong decisions at different times. However, no one has tried to reduce this mental pressure. The easiest way to get rid of this stress is to maintain a healthy diet. Let’s know some foods that keep our mind calm and we get rid of stress.

Sweet potato: The biggest cause of stress is the cortisol hormone. Eating sweet potato or tuber reduces the amount of this hormone secretion and keeps the mind calm.

Eggs: Eggs contain a variety of nutrients. Along with this, the choline in it keeps the human brain healthy and avoids mental stress.

Chick Peas: Generally it is not very tasty to eat. But the element called L-tryptophan in it helps in keeping the brain cool. Chick peas are very useful for the brain.

Marine fish: Salmon or other types of marine fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. All these make the human brain free from mental stress.

Broccoli: It is one such vegetable that cures various diseases. Its component called sulforaphane is especially helpful in controlling depression and keeping the mind calm. So that the mind remains calm and the person feels a little lighter from the mental stress.

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