Genetic Connection of anxiety

Anxiety (stress and nervousness) is inherited genetically from the mother to the daughter. However, the chances of passing the disorder from father to son are rare. The special thing is that if the father does not have an anxiety disorder, then the chances of developing an anxiety disorder in the son is also negligible.

According to Pavlova, assistant professor in the department of psychiatry at Dalhousie University in Canada, research has revealed that if both parents of a child have an anxiety disorder, then it is more likely to be transferred to the children.

If an anxiety disorder is developing in a child due to modeling, then it will have different patterns from mother to daughter and from father to son. The study found that parents of children of the same gender who have anxiety are three times more likely to develop the same condition. After this research, the concern of such daughters has increased even more, whose mothers are suffering from anxiety disorder.

Please note that transgender were not included in this study. On the other hand, even after the father has anxiety, the son is not likely to have it.

Another research revealed that children imitate their behavior from parents. In such a situation, they adopt the same behavior as the parents do when they are anxious. On the other hand, children are more likely to have anxiety when parents have anxiety.


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