Hormones of happiness are necessary to be happy, know how to increase them

Happiness is directly related to brain and emotions, when we do something of our choice or our desired is fulfilled, then we feel happy and this feeling of happiness is controlled by the happy hormone in our brain. There are four types of hormones in our body for emotions including Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin and Endorphins, these four hormones have different responsibility, which’s regular and balanced secretion keeps you happy which is very important for mental health.

Dopamine hormone– This hormone is secreted when our brain signals that we have received a reward or appreciation. If we have set a goal and it is completed, then the dopamine hormone is secreted. Make new small goals and slowly. Try to accomplish them slowly. Celebrating even small victories or successes increases the dopamine hormone. Pay attention to yourself. Take care of health and eat your favorite foods.

Serotonin hormone– This hormone acts to stabilize mood, also regulates your digestion, sleep and bone health. It also works to relieve stress, depression and anxiety. Serotonin hormone plays an important role in how you feel every day. If you feel sad, try to increase serotonin hormone, exercise daily, always focus on positive aspects, and focus on what you have gained, not on what you have lost, then the secretion of the hormone will increase.

Oxytocin hormone– It is also known as the love hormone, which increases trust and love in relationships, hugging someone or playing with a pet also increases the secretion of this hormone. Spend time with friends and family, show love by hugging them if there are children in the house, then play with them. Yoga or exercise also increases the oxytocin hormone.

Endorphins hormone-It is known to reduce the level of stress and pain. It works to make the mind happy. Choose people who make you laugh and make you feel happy. When you laugh, endorphins are released faster.

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