If you are troubled by frequent blisters in the mouth, then try these home remedies

Blisters in the mouth are a common problem. Due to ulcers, it becomes very difficult to eat and drink. It is very difficult to talk. They are also very painful. Blisters occur on the tongue, lips and around it anytime. Due to this there is also a burning sensation in the mouth. These are caused by being infected with the herpes simplex virus. Common causes of blisters include dehydration, stomach upset, stress, constipation and vitamin C deficiency etc. In such a situation, many types of creams are also available in the market to cure them. By using them, the blisters heal quickly. But if you do not have this cream, then you can also try many types of home remedies. These will help you in healing the ulcers. Let us know which home remedies you can try to cure ulcers.


Honey has naturally antimicrobial properties. These help in healing the ulcers. They provide relief from irritation and inflammation. Apply some honey on the blisters. Leave it on for a few hours. You will feel relieved by this.

Coconut oil-

Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties. These help in treating ulcers naturally. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. They also help in reducing swelling and pain in the mouth due to ulcers.

Basil Leaves-

Basil leaves are known for their medicinal properties. These help in treating many health problems. For this, use fresh basil leaves. After that drink water. These basil leaves help you get relief from ulcers.


Toothpaste not only works to clean the teeth but it can also help in healing ulcers. For this, apply toothpaste on the mouth ulcers. It removes the infection causing ulcers. This will give you a lot of relief.


Turmeric is used in almost every Indian cuisine. It enhances both the taste and color of the food. It has antimicrobial properties. It is quite effective in fighting inflammation and pain caused by mouth ulcers. For this, take a small amount of turmeric powder. Add a little water to it. Apply this paste on the blisters daily in the morning and evening. This will help you get rid of the ulcers.

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