If you drink alcohol, it affects the child! Surprising revelations in the study

New Delhi: Alcohol is harmful to the body and causes many problems. Most people know this. But do you know that it affects not only the drinker but also the child. I was surprised to know this, but it is true. A study report published in the Journal of Psychology of Addictive Behavior found that children who parents are alcoholic show symptoms of alcoholism and binge eating.

According to the study report, under food addiction, these children crave for foods like pizza, chocolate and fries. According to the report, one in five children is affected by this deadly drug. Researchers at the University of Michigan focused on two things during the study. The first is that parental binge drinking is an important risk factor and the second is that it can lead to addiction to processed foods.

“People who have a family history of heavy drinking are more likely to be addicted to binge eating,” said Lindsey Hoover, lead author of the study. According to studies, who struggle with food addiction are at higher risk of having personal problems besides smoking and drinking.

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