IIT Jodhpur Develops Paper-Based Device For On-Spot Glucose Testing via Smartphone

Jodhpur: Researchers at IIT Jodhpur have created a game-changer for diabetics: a low-cost, paper-based device that connects to smartphones for on-the-spot glucose monitoring. This eco-friendly device uses treated paper that changes colour based on glucose levels, readable by a smartphone app under various lighting conditions thanks to machine learning.

This innovation is significantly cheaper than traditional methods at Rs. 10 per device (projected to be Rs. 5 in mass production). It also eliminates the need for specialized lab settings, offering easy and accessible glucose testing.

“This paves the way for estimating the accuracy of results for improved initial healthcare screening and diagnosis of any disease,” said Ankur Gupta, lead researcher. The technology has the potential to be adapted for detecting other health conditions like uric acid levels.

This breakthrough research, published in ACS Publications, holds immense promise for revolutionizing personalized healthcare management.

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