The unknown effect of sunlight on man is to increase the appetite of men

We already know that sunlight produces Vitamin D in our body. Research is done on an unknown effect of sunlight on humans. However, a study has shown that it contributes to the secretion of type of hormone that stimulates hunger, especially in men.

That is why it is clear that if you walk in the sunlight for some time, you feel hungry. Some researchers from Tel Aviv University’s Department of Chemistry have succeeded in such an experiment while studying the effect of ultraviolet rays in the human body. It is not clear whether men’s and women’s bodies react completely different to this UV light.

However, it accelerates the secretion of the hormone called ghrelin in the gastrointestinal tract of men. Staying in the sun for too long damages the DNA in the skin cells and facilitates the secretion of ghrelin. Researchers have confirmed that this ghrelin is what triggers hunger in men and hunger makes them eat more food and gain weight. Due to this reason, it is said that men take more food and consume about 300 calories more in summer. In contrast, the estrogen hormone in a woman’s body inhibits this process. After a long three-year study involving three thousand volunteers, this extract has been found.

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