“Jahan 8 Baje Market Bandh, Wahan Bacche Kam”, Pak Defence Minister’s Bizarre Theory Over Population Growth

Islamabad: Pakistan defence minister Khawaja Asif’s message on population control has left netizens muddled.

The video of Asif addressing the press has been shared on Twitter by a journalist, Naila Inayat and left people on the internet scratching their heads.

In the video, Khawaja Asif can be heard as saying, “Jahan pe 8 baje market bandh ki hai wahan pe bacchon ki tadad kaam hai paida hone ki (The places where markets have closed down by 8 pm, the population growth is less).”


“The plan will change the overall lifestyle and habit pattern of the nation and save us Rs 60 billion,” he said.

The bizarre comment filled with faltered sarcasm came during a press conference in which Pakistani defence minister announced country’s bid to conserve energy.

Pakistan’s energy needs are mostly met by crude oil imported from abroad.

The country finds itself in a compulsive position to conserve energy so that it does not have to shell out US dollars on oil imports.

The country is in the middle of an economic crisis amid its ongoing struggle to pay back external debts due to low growth, high inflation, and poor foreign reserves.

People on the micro-blogging site were left wondering what to make of Pakistan Defence Minister’s comment.

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