Jailed Imran Khan Uses AI-Generated Audio Clip to Address Supporters

Pakistan’s jailed former prime minister, Imran Khan, used an Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated audio clip to address supporters. It was first of its kind use of AI in a political event in South Asian nation. This speech was produced through Deepfake Generative AI Voice Clone.

But this major AI-boosted political event was marred by internet disruptions. The audio in AI generated voice of Imran Khan was played over a photograph of the former PM during an online rally of his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party. It received more than 1.4 million on YouTube and lakhs too part in its live streaming.

Khan’s AI generated speech was the audio format of a written speech he had approved from the jail.

The disruptions to livestreaming fuelled transparency concerns about the upcoming elections, however, with users nationwide complaining of slow internet speeds and throttling, a technique telecoms regulators use to choke streaming on apps.

Pakistan’s telecoms regulator said the interruptions were being investigated, but added that internet accessibility overall appeared to be normal.

Imran Khan was convicted and sentenced to three years in jail on graft charges. Dozens of court cases are pending against him.

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