Kiss Day: Here Are Different Types Of Kisses And Their Meanings

A kiss is an expression of love, care, affection and admiration. A kiss can say a lot without saying anything at all.

Kissing your partner creates a significant bond. And not only lovers, a kiss from mother, father, brother, sister or a friend also makes the day.

A day before Valentine’s Day, people celebrate Kiss Day. It is the seventh day of Valentine’s Week and falls on February 13.

This year, it will fall on Monday. On this day, people seal their relationship with a kiss and show affection towards their partner.

There are different types of kisses, like hand kisses, neck kisses, forehead kisses, French kisses, and more, and each holds significance on Kiss Day.

Here, we have curated a list of kisses and their meanings:

On the cheek: Affection and intimacy are determined by a kiss on the cheek. Usually, when we meet and greet people with whom we are very close, we greet them with a peck on the cheek.

Forehead kiss: This shows a sense of security and admiration. A forehead kiss is a silent way of saying that the person is safe here.

On the hands: This is a sign of an interest of starting a relationship. This also is done in many cultures as a sign of showing respect and admiration.

French kiss: This is a form of intense and passionate kiss which is usually shared by people who are deeply attracted or deeply in love with each other.

Neck kiss: This type of kiss usually communicates sexual intentions, and are shared by people who are deeply passionate about each other.

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