Ukraine Imposes Sanctions on Iran Over Alleged Arms Support for Russian Invasion

Kyiv: In a major move, the parliament of Kyiv recently passed a sanctions package targeting Iran, a close ally of Russia. Iran has been accused of providing weapons to Moscow during its prolonged invasion of Ukraine.

The approval of this package came shortly after Ukraine reported that Russia utilized Iranian Shahed drones in a major UAV assault on the capital city, marking the most substantial attack since the invasion began.

According to the Ukrainian parliament’s website, the resolution aims to align the country’s sanctions with the international community’s efforts to isolate Iran completely.

The package includes prohibitions on the trade of military and dual-use goods with Iran, as well as the suspension of economic and financial obligations towards Iranian residents. The final step for the package to become law is for President Zelenskyy to sign it, which is expected to be a mere formality as he himself introduced the bill.

President Zelenskyy had directly addressed Iranians last week, questioning their involvement in aiding Russian acts of terror. His adviser, Mykhaylo Podolyak, went on to denounce Iran as a “terrorist regime” and accused it of intentionally supplying Moscow with weapons to target civilian cities. In response, Tehran retaliated by suggesting that Zelensky’s actions were merely an attempt to secure military and financial support from Western nations.

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