Lincoln Pardoned Biden’s Great-Great-Grandfather in 1864

The court martial records in the US National Archives state that Abraham Lincoln pardoned Joe Biden’s great-great-grandfather after a late-night Civil War-era brawl in 1864.

As per a report in the Washington Post, the court martial records in the US National Archives describe the trial of Moses J. Robinette after a fight with fellow Union Army civilian employee John J. Alexander on March 21, 1864.

Robinette was charged with attempted murder as Alexander suffered several cuts from a pocketknife used by Robinette, hired by the army as a veterinary surgeon.

The military judges convicted him and sentenced him to two years of hard labour.

Three army officers petitioned Lincoln to overturn Robinette’s conviction as he did the violent act in self-defence. Lincoln agreed and signed the pardon on September 1 that same year. This Robinette was the great-great-grandfather of present US president Joe Biden.

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