Monday Declared As The Worst Day Of The Week By Guinness World Records

London: Monday has been officially termed as the worst day of the week by Guinness World Records. On Monday, the international organisation for record-keeping announced this in a tweet on its official Twitter account.

While the tweet is supposedly made only in jest, many people actually agreed with the record and termed Monday as the “most deserving” day.

However, it is unknown why Monday has been handed over such a record.

Nevertheless, a lot of people consider Monday to be the worst day of the week because it requires going back to work or school after a two-day weekend spent shopping, hanging out with friends, or simply watching your favourite television show.

After this tweet, Fierce reactions from Twitterati started pouring in from all over the world. Some people said that the Guinness Book has chosen the best day to declare as to which day is the worst of the lot. At the same time, some people also wrote that the Guinness Book absolutely caught the pulse of the people.

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