New Island Born of Volcanic Eruption in Japan, Experts Say May Not Survive Long

The eruption of an undersea volcano off Japan’s coast has led to the birth of a tiny new island. Experts say this island may not last for long.

This undersea volcano, located about 1 kilometre off the southern coast of Iwo Jima, had a series of eruptions on Oct 21.

Within 10 days, volcanic ash and rocks piled up and by November first week, it became a new island about 100 meters in diameter and as high as 20 meters above the sea, according to analysts in the Japan Meteorological Agency’s volcanic division.

With the reduction of volcanic activity, the newly formed island is shrinking as its “crumbly” surface made up of ash is easily washed away by waves.

In 2013, an eruption at Nishinoshima in the Pacific Ocean south of Tokyo led to the formation of a new island.

Also in 2013, a small island surfaced from the seabed after a massive 7.7-magnitude earthquake in Pakistan. In 2015, a new island was formed as a result of a month-long eruption of a submarine volcano off the coast of Tonga.


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