Rubber Duck Lost During World Record Attempt Found After 18 Yrs, 644 Km Away

A rubber duck that was lost during a failed world record attempt around 18 years back in Ireland was found by a teenager 644 km away.

According to the New York Post, this rubber duck was part of 150,000 yellow toys that were launched into the River Liffey in Dublin as part of the charity World Duck Race in June 2006. This massive rubber duck race was meant to take the ducks one kilometre down the river and under five bridges.

But several of these ducks were swept into the sea. After almost 18 years, one of these lost ducks was found nearly 644 kilometres away on the island of Stronsay in the Orkney archipelago in Scotland.

A 13-year-old boy found this robber duck and his mother Marion noticed the writing on it.

Photos of the lost and found duck show that it is still in relatively good condition. The race’s information is printed on its front.

Other lost ducks from the race have been found in Morecambe, England, and the Isle of Wight in the English Channel – with one even being spotted in Sweden.

CBS News said the world record attempt failed, but succeeded at raising money for a local children’s hospital.

The latest world record for such a race was made in 2009 with 205,000 plastic ducks floating down the River Thames.

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