This US Professor To Live Underwater For 100 Days!

One US professor Joe Dituri has been living in a 55 square meter space 30 feet below the surface of the Florida Keys since March 1 and plans to stay for 100 days.

If he does this, he will break a record for most time spent in a habitat beneath the surface of the ocean.

Dituri conducts research into the effects of hyperbaric pressure – when air pressure is greater than it would be at sea level – on the human body. He is hoping to use his time spent below the surface to examine what impact living in this high-pressure environment has on his health.

Interestingly, Dituri’s endeavour will be very different from living on a submarine. Submarines are sealed when submerged and maintained at sea level pressure. This means there’s no significant difference in pressure, even when a submarine is at depths of hundreds of meters.

But Dituri’s underwater habitat won’t have any solid hatches or air locks between the ocean and the dry living space, as a submarine does.

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