Being Too Happy Can Be Bad For You; Can Cause Heart Attack

New Delhi: Do you know that too much happiness is bad for you? It can also lead to death. Not only that, but studies have shown that it affects women and the elderly. So let’s find out what’s revealed in this new study…

What is this study?

According to Indian Express report, Dr. Hikaru Sato of Hiroshima City Hospital in Japan and others working with him conducted a study on people who live happier lives. The study revealed that when people are happier, they suffer from ‘happy heart syndrome’, also known as takotsubodio cardiomyopathy. This disease is known by nicknames like Happy heart and Broken Heart.

The study found that people who were happier were more likely to have a heart attack due to their current condition, which could increase their risk of heart disease. It causes you to have a syndrome that weakens the heart muscle. Through which the ability to pump blood is so affected. This causes you to have a heart attack.

Who has this syndrome?

The study found that the syndrome was common in women and those over the age of 50. However, researchers have found that the mortality rate from Happy Heart and Broken Heart Syndrome is very low.

In such a situation you do not need to panic about it. This study shows that people’s lives are lost only in rare cases. Apart from this, a small amount of heart disease has been found due to this syndrome. If there is a problem with this, do not forget to consult a doctor and get treatment.

What are the symptoms of the syndrome:-

The main symptoms of Happy Heat and Broken Heart Syndrome are depression, chest paint and shortness of breath.


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