Bitter Truths of Relationship

If someone asks you what it takes to make a relationship successful, you will probably have a variety of things in your mind. Love, trust, respect and taking care of each other’s emotions are the things that apply in every relationship. Apart from these common and basic things, there are also some bitter truths that a couple and every relationship has to go through.

Your self-respect or ego sometimes get hurt to maintain a successful relationship. You will fight, listen and move on and it can all be very awkward for you in the beginning but then you start to understand that no relationship is perfect. Fighting is common in every relationship.

There is never a perfect balance in a relationship. There will be times when you will have to put in more effort in the relationship. You might feel like your partner isn’t giving their all, but it’s perfectly normal to think so. But remember, your partner may feel the same way at times.

No one can read your mind. You have to communicate your needs and wants to your partner. You will think many times that your partner should come to know without saying the things of your mind, but believe me, this is not always possible. Reading the language of the mind is limited to movies or stories.

Everyone looks perfect when viewed from a distance. Similarly, sometimes your partner will also see other people better than you, but sooner or later they will understand that no one is perfect. However, sometimes comparing yourself to someone else can make you angry and sad.

No matter how hard you try, it will be normal for both of you to fight. You can reach a conclusion by fighting or even arguing. Fighting is actually very healthy for a relationship to last because if you both stop talking to each other, there will be distance between the two of you.

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