Sold at Rs 61.8 Cr, Amrita Sher-Gil’s ‘The Story Teller’ is Most Expensive Indian Painting

‘The Story Teller’, an oil on canvas painting by renowned 20th century artist Amrita Sher-Gil was sold at a whopping Rs 61.8 crore. This made it the most expensive Indian painting auctioned.

Earlier this record was held by modernist painter Sayed Haider Raza’s ‘Gestation’ which was sold at Rs 51.75 crore. This painting was sold at this price 10 days back.

Sher-Gil’s painting topping the charts is perhaps the artist’s deserving accolade that was long pending.

‘The Story Teller’ by Sher-Gil has a distinctive artistic language that combines both Pahari and Parisian influences. It portrays a group of women indulged in their respective chores while relaxing in an open space.

Born in 1913 to a Sikh father and Hungarian mother, Sher-Gil spent her earlier days in Europe and later moved to India. She is the first Asian artist to win a gold medal in painting at Paris’ elite Ecole des Beaux Arts.

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