Malpua & Dalma-This Unique Food Combination Of Puri Town Will Satiate Your Hunger Pangs

Odisha is famously known for its hospitality and unique cuisines and one can not miss authentic Odia delicacy in the pilgrimage town of Puri. You can not miss out on the opportunity to treat your sweet tooth while travelling this town

Malpua and Dalma is a unique combination to overcome hunger pangs and during travel, it becomes a well significant food item for travel vloggers or working people whose work relates to travelling.

This is a sweet dish made from maida and milk with fennel seeds and whole black pepper put into it. On your way to Puri, you can grab some at Chandanpur, besides at Sakhigopal and Puri.

Also, it is available in almost every sweet shop in the city. Malpua is served hot in delightful sugar syrup making it extremely flavourful. The essential ingredients used in the malpuas are all-purpose flour, bananas, cardamoms, coconut, milk and fennel seeds. All these come together in a sweet mixture of malpua that smell not only mouth-watering but also melts in one’s mouth.

Dalma is synonymous with the people of Odisha. It is one of the most common yet tastiest delicacies of Puri. This is a curry which many outsiders identify Odias with. It is a curry in which the prime ingredients are pulses and varieties of vegetables and is mostly cooked at all households and food outlets in Puri.

So… you must try this unique combination when you’re in the coastal town of this eastern Indian state

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