Pay Rs 98.53 Lakh to Become Barbie by Plastic Surgery

Cashing on the excitement over the ‘Barbie’ movie, a plastic surgeon in America has offered a “dream” surgery to transform any woman into the legendary Barbie doll look for a $120,000 (Rs 98, 53,950).

According to New York Post, Dr. Scott Blyer, a plastic surgeon at Cameo Surgery Centre in Islandia, has made this offer. The package includes three body surgeries, a facial surgery, “classic Barbie hair” transplantation, in addition to pink nails and teeth whitening.

This plastic surgeon also offers surgical transformation of men to look like Ken dolls, Barbie’s male partner.

The Ken doll package includes body liposuction, six-pack etching, and fat transfer to the chest, in addition to jawline and cheek filler. It is slightly cheaper at $110,000. (Rs 89,34,238).

Despite the high price of the surgery, several women approached this plastic surgeon with their desire to become Barbie. One of them is Alexa Tiefenworth, a 29-year-old real estate agent. Another 29-year-old bartender named Daniela Martinez is also getting the surgery.

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