Woman Finds Old Lottery Ticket While Cleaning House, Wins Over ₹91 Lakh

In a remarkable turn of events, a woman in Germany experienced a sudden change in fortune after rediscovering a forgotten 2-year-old lottery ticket while cleaning her house for Christmas. The woman had played the Lotterie Super 6 in February 2021 but had completely forgotten about it until the fortunate discovery. The ticket turned out to be a winner, fetching her a substantial sum of $110,000 (approximately ₹91,61,449).

Expressing her disbelief, the fortunate winner likened the experience to finding a hidden treasure and expressed her intention to use the windfall for a well-deserved vacation. Lottery officials were astonished to find the ticket in pristine condition during the verification process. Urging other potential winners to come forward before the December 31, 2024 deadline, officials revealed that more than $660,000 in winnings from 2021 remain unclaimed in Saxony-Anhalt.

Highlighting the rarity of such delayed claims, Lotto-Toto Sachsen-Anhalt director Stefan Ebert noted that this was the only six-figure winning amount that had remained unclaimed for an extended period.

This fortunate incident in Germany echoes a similar story from Massachusetts, where a man discovered a lost $1 million lottery ticket months after misplacing it. Khalil Soussa stumbled upon his winning ticket when his house cleaner found it in a vase while working in his home.

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