“2014-2024 Was Just A Prelude To The Real Progress Ahead”: PM Modi

Jaipur: Addressing a rally in Rajasthan’s Churu, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted his government’s accomplishments over the past decade, labelling them as just a precursor to greater things ahead. He accused the Congress of disrespecting the Army and sowing division, emphasizing this as characteristic of the opposition.

Highlighting India’s assertive stance under his leadership, PM Modi referenced military strikes in enemy territory, asserting a transformed national identity. He teased upcoming initiatives, framing past achievements as merely an introduction to his vision.

PM Modi slammed the Congress for economic mismanagement during its tenure, asserting his administration’s role in revitalizing the economy and restoring global confidence. He emphasized his commitment to uplifting the nation, dismissing despair with a promise of progress.

In addressing the COVID-19 crisis, PM Modi praised India’s resilience in becoming the world’s fifth-largest economy. He cited specific achievements, including reduced cylinder prices and progress on infrastructure projects, while challenging the Congress’s stance on issues like the Ayodhya Ram temple.

Furthermore, he accused opposition parties of prioritizing corruption over public welfare, highlighting his government’s anti-corruption efforts. PM Modi reaffirmed his dedication to marginalized communities, citing initiatives such as the law on ‘triple talaq’ as evidence.

The rally also featured Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma and BJP candidate Devendra Jhajharia, echoing PM Modi’s message of progress and accountability.

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