Air India Express to Merge with AIX Connect, to Add 50 New Boeing 737 MAX Planes

New Delhi: Air India Express is merging with AIX Connect and has ambitious plans for its aviation business. The company intends to add 50 new Boeing 737 MAX planes to its fleet over the next 15 months, with the backing of the Tata Group.

The newly formed entity, a merger of Air India Express and AIX Connect, will unveil its brand on October 18. Significant integration milestones have already been reached, such as a common reservation and check-in system.

The combined fleet currently consists of 56 aircraft, including 26 Boeing 737s, 2 Boeing 737 MAX, 5 Airbus A320 neos, and 23 Airbus A320s. The additional 50 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft will enable the Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) to expand its network and increase flight frequencies.

Over 800 aircrew and operational personnel have joined the entity and are undergoing various stages of training. Together, the merged entity operates approximately 2,700 weekly flights to 44 destinations, including 14 international ones.

This integration represents part of Tata Group’s efforts to consolidate its airline business, including the merger of Vistara with Air India. India’s aviation industry continues to experience rapid growth, making it a dynamic market for airlines.

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