Air India Incident: Man Who Urinated On Woman Arrested From Bengaluru

Bengaluru: Shankar Mishra, a Mumbai resident who peed on an elderly woman on an Air India flight in November, was arrested from Bengaluru by the Delhi police today. A lookout notice or airport alert was issued to try to find him as he was on the run.

After receiving some “solid” leads regarding Shankar Mishra’s whereabouts, the Delhi police sent a squad to Bengaluru, Karnataka, in an effort to catch him.

Despite turning off his phone, he continued to use social media to connect with his friends, which allowed the police to track him down, according to top police sources.

According to sources, Mishra had also used his credit card at a place or two.

On November 26, on an Air India flight from New York to Delhi, Shankar Mishra allegedly unzipped his pants and urinated on an elderly woman in business class. Later, he begged the woman not to call the police as it would affect his wife and child.

However, according to Shankar Mishra’s lawyers, he had paid the victim Rs 15,000 in compensation and had her possessions cleaned. After a month, the woman’s daughter reportedly returned the money, claiming couldn’t accept it.

Mishra’s employer, US financial services company Wells Fargo, has also fired him, calling the accusations “deeply disturbing”.

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