Animal Board Appeals To Hug Cows To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

New Delhi: The Animal Welfare Board of India on Wednesday issued an appeal to celebrate the day of February 14 by hugging cows. The day is celebrated as valentine’s day globally.

“We all know that the cow is the backbone of Indian culture and rural economy, sustains our life, and represents cattle wealth and biodiversity. It is known as ‘Kamdhenu’ and ‘Gaumata’ because of its nourishing nature, like mother, the giver of all, providing riches to humanity,” a statement issued by the board read.

“The dazzle of western civilisation has made our physical culture and heritage almost forgotten,” stated the board.

“Therefore, all cow lovers may also celebrate February 14 as Cow Hug day, keeping in mind the importance of the mother cow and making life happy and full of positive energy,” it read.

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