Bihar SHOCKER! Thieves Steal Train Engine From Railway Yard

Patna: In a bizarre incident, Bihar police has recently arrested three people for allegedly stealing diesel and vintage rail engines and unbolting steel bridges.

Police said that several others involved in the syndicate are still operating at large.

According to a report of Times of India, a gang of thieves had stolen parts of diesel rail engine that was brought for repairs are Barauni’s Garhara yard

Shockingly, the thieves had dug a tunnel running close to railway yard through which they carried the locomotive parts and other stolen item in sacks.

The thieves gradually stole the engine while the train was brought for repairs in Garhara yard.

The whole incident came to notice after an FIR was filed at the Barauni police station.

Based on the information given by them during interrogation, searches were conducted at a scrap godown in Prabhat Nagar area of Muzaffarpur district and 13 sacks full of train parts were found.

Further investigations are underway.

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