From Acid Attack Survivor to School Topper: Kafi’s Inspiring Journey

A student from Chandigarh’s Institute of Blind, Kafi, has become the CBSE topper of her school in the CBSE 10th result 2023 with an impressive score of 95.20%. Kafi’s journey to reach this milestone, however, was not an easy one. She is an acid attack survivor who was attacked when she was just three years old by three jealous neighbours living in the village Budhana, Hisar.

Despite her struggles, Kafi persevered and kept fighting to achieve her dreams. Her father got her admitted to Delhi AIIMS for treatment, where doctors told the family that Kafi would remain blind for the rest of her life. She completed her first and second classes at a blind school in Hisar before moving to Chandigarh with her family due to a lack of facilities.

Kafi’s passion for studying never dwindled, and she got direct admission to Class 6 in Chandigarh’s Institute of Blind in Sector 26. Despite the challenges she faced, Kafi always excelled academically and had a dream of becoming an IAS officer.

Kafi’s father is proud of her achievements, and he shares that he had named his daughter (‘Kafi’ means ‘enough’ in Urdu) with the intention that he would not need another daughter. Despite the pending appeal against her attackers, Kafi has become an inspiration for many with her determination and resilience in the face of adversity.

Kafi’s story is one of hope and courage, and she has shown that no obstacle is too big to overcome. Her achievements are a testament to her hard work and determination, and we can all learn from her inspiring journey.

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