“Deadly For Democracy”: Retired Supreme Court Judge Slams Law Minister

New Delhi: Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju was slammed by retired Supreme Court justice Rohington Fali Nariman. Nariman reminded him that he was still required to follow it no matter what he thought of the court’s decision as “wrong or right”.

While addressing a public gathering, he spoke candidly about the current controversies. There has actually been a virtual fight regarding the appointment of judges between the Center and the SC. The Center has reportedly objected to the status quo of selecting judges in accordance with the collegium’s recommendations. The Supreme Court, meanwhile, expressed dissatisfaction with the Center’s lack of adherence to the collegium’s recommendations while appointing judges.

Nariman said, “We have heard what objectionable things the Law Minister has said against this system.” His clear message was, “As a citizen, I can criticize. No problem. But I am only a citizen now. You are the authority. And as an authority, you are bound to accept the verdict, whether it is wrong or right.”

In addition, he criticised Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar without naming him. Dhankhar had bemoaned the Supreme Court’s neglect of the Parliament building in the Collegium controversy. And disobeying the legislature is disobeying the will of the people because the Parliament’s action reflects the people’s will. He questioned the fundamental structure itself. Nariman replied by assuring him that the infrastructure will be maintained, “thank god it has come to stay,” he remarked.

Furthermore, Nariman said that democracy is endangered by the Center’s decision to put off taking the collegium’s recommendations into consideration. His recommendation is that moving forward, you take a 30-day deadline into consideration. Those recommendations will be automatically approved if no response is received within that window of time.

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