Dust Storm Ravages Rajasthan: Trees, Power Infrastructure Damaged

Jaipur: On Tuesday afternoon, a powerful dust storm swept through multiple regions in Rajasthan, resulting in a remarkable darkening of the skies. The storm originated from the north-western direction, impacting areas such as Churu, Taranagar, Sardarshahar, and Rajgarh.

The dust storm severely hampered visibility and caused disruptions in traffic flow. Additionally, numerous trees, plants, electric poles, and tin sheds suffered significant damage. Subsequently, the affected areas experienced heavy rainfall following the dust storm.

This event occurred merely two days after the India Meteorological Department (IMD) had predicted substantial rainfall in various parts of Rajasthan.

Notably, the previous month witnessed severe thunderstorms and torrential rains across several regions of Rajasthan, leading to extensive destruction of power grids and electricity distribution systems in the state.

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