Centre Issues Warning To Online Platforms Carrying Ads Of Fraudulent Loan Apps

New Delhi: In a decisive move to protect users from predatory online practices, the Indian government has clamped down on fraudulent loan app advertising on social media and online platforms. Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, issued a stern warning to online platforms, declaring a zero-tolerance policy for misleading and exploitative loan app ads.

Highlighting the rampant misuse of digital avenues for predatory lending, Chandrasekhar slammed platforms that continue to host ads for dubious loan apps. He emphasized the government’s commitment to curbing these manipulative practices through a recent advisory directing platforms to abstain from promoting such apps.

Underscoring the evolving cyber landscape and the government’s proactive approach, Chandrasekhar pointed to the existing IT rules that categorize 11 types of prohibited online content. This comprehensive framework, he stressed, exemplifies the government’s dedication to fostering a safe and reliable internet ecosystem for all Indian citizens.

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