Kanjhawala Horror: Nidhi Was Earlier Arrested In Drugs Smuggling Case

New Delhi: Nidhi was previously arrested in a narcotics smuggling case, according to police officials. Nidhi is the key witness in the death case of 20-year-old Anjali, who suffered a horrible death after being dragged by a car in Delhi’s Kanjhawala area for roughly 12 KMs in the early hours of January 1.

According to the sources, Nidhi was arrested after being intercepted at the Agra train station for smuggling drugs from Telangana.

This comes after earlier reports of Nidhi not having any previous police records.

Nidhi was contacted by the police on Friday to join the ongoing investigation because her prior accounts of the incident were contradicting.

To strengthen their case, the police have added a few more IPC sections.

A 20-year-old woman died in the wee hours of Sunday after she was dragged for around 12 kilometers from Sultanpuri to Kanjhawala in Delhi after the scooter she was riding collided with a car.

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