Lucknow Man Cultivates 250 kg of Tomatoes on His Rooftop Amid Skyrocketing Prices

Lucknow: A resident in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Vikram Pandey, turned his limited balcony space into an innovative rooftop garden, cultivating a staggering 250 kilograms of tomatoes. With rising tomato prices causing concerns, Pandey’s urban farming initiative addressed this issue locally.

Despite space constraints, Pandey strategically planted 50 to 60 tomato saplings in approximately 600 square feet. His dedicated care for each plant yielded a surprising abundance, not just of tomatoes but also other plants like lemon trees and various vegetables.

Pandey’s generous spirit led him to share his surplus tomato harvest with neighbours, earning praise and gratitude. His efforts provided a promising solution for urban dwellers looking for sustainable alternatives. Pandey’s flourishing garden became a symbol of hope in the community, demonstrating the potential of small-scale urban farming in addressing local needs.

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