Odia Prof Ashok Swain’s Overseas Citizen of India Registration Cancelled for ‘Anti-India Actions”

New Delhi: Sweden-based Odia professor Ashok Swain’s Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) registration was cancelled by the Central government for his involvement in “illegal activities inimical” to the interests of the sovereignty, integrity, and security of India.

The Ministry of Home Affairs informed the Delhi High Court about it on February 7 after Swain challenged the cancellation of his OCI registration via a plea in the Delhi High Court on 30th July 2023.

Prof Swain’s OCI registration was cancelled as per the order of the Indian Embassy to Sweden and Latvia.

The Ministry of Home Affairs told the High Court that it examined a report from the security agencies about Swain’s activities and found that his OCI Card was liable to be cancelled under the provisions of Section 7D© of The Citizenship Act.

The Centre said that Swain “persistently and willfully indulged in writings and inflammatory speeches that tarnished the image of the country and its institutions in the eyes of the international community, undermining the nation and hurting the country’s interests”.

It is alleged that Ashok Swain has a history of peddling fake news targeting the Government of India. His X account was withheld in India as he repeatedly posted fake news, spreading disinformation that not only maligned India but also tried to present a false narrative of Muslim victimhood in the country.

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