Retiring Calcutta HC Judge From Odisha Credits Childhood Membership In RSS for Shaping Values

Calcutta: In a farewell speech, Justice Chitta Ranjan Dash, who retired from the Calcutta High Court on Monday, highlighted the influence of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) on his personal development.

Justice Dash, a judge since 2009, acknowledged his lifelong association with the RSS, crediting the organization for instilling values of courage, integrity and patriotism during his childhood and youth.

“The RSS played a significant role in shaping me,” Justice Dash said. “From a young age, I learned the importance of courage, fairness, and dedication in all aspects of life.”

Despite his personal affiliation, Justice Dash emphasized his commitment to upholding judicial neutrality throughout his career. He distanced himself from active participation in the RSS after becoming a judge, ensuring impartiality in all cases he presided over.

“For the past 37 years, I have maintained a professional distance from the RSS,” he clarified. “My decisions were solely based on the law and evidence presented, without any political or ideological bias.”

Justice Dash, a lawyer since 1986, served extensively within the Odisha judicial system before his appointment to the High Court in 2009. Following his transfer to the Calcutta High Court in 2022, he continued his distinguished career until his retirement on Monday.

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