PM Modi inaugurates world’s longest railway platform in Karnataka

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday inaugurated the world’s longest railway platform, and the country’s first green Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), in Karnataka’s Dharwad district.

The Prime Minister said that for centuries, Dharwad has been a gateway between Malenadu and Bayalu Seeme regions which has welcomed everyone with open heart and enriched itself by learning from everyone. Therefore, “Dharwad did not remain just a gateway but became a reflection of the dynamism of Karnataka and India” , the Prime Minister said.  Dharwad is known as the cultural capital of Karnataka known for its literature and music. The Prime Minister paid tribute to cultural doyens from Dharwad.

The Prime Minister mentioned his Mandya visit earlier in the day. He said that the new Benguluru Mysuru expressway will pave the way to take the software hub identity of Karnataka even further. Similarly, the Prime Minister said , many development projects were either dedicated or their foundation stones were laid in Belagavi. He also mentioned Shivamogga Kuvempu Airport. He said these projects along with the projects of today are scripting a new development story of Karnataka.

“The new campus of IIT in Dharwad will facilitate quality education while nurturing young minds for a better tomorrow”, the Prime Minister said. He underlined that the new IIT campus is scripting a new chapter in the history of Karnataka’s development journey. He noted the high tech facilities of the Dharwad IIT campus and stated that it will act as a source of inspiration which will take the institution to the same heights as other leading institutions of the world. Highlighting that the IIT Dharwad campus is a prime example of the ‘Sankalp se Siddhi’ (i.e achievement by resolutions) spirit of the present government, the Prime Minister recalled laying its foundation stone in February 2019 and expressed happiness on its completion within a span of 4 years, even though many hurdles came along the way owing to the Coronavirus pandemic. “From laying foundation stones to inaugurating projects, the double-engine government works at a constant speed”, the Prime Minister continued, “We believe in the resolve of inaugurating the same projects whose foundations stones are laid by us.”

The Prime Minister lamented the thought process of yesteryears that expansion of quality education institutions will lead to dilution of their brand. This thinking led to massive loss for the young generation and new India is leaving this way of thinking behind, he said. “Good education should reach everywhere, to everyone. Larger number of quality institutions will ensure the reach of good education to more people”, he added. That is why, he continued, that the number of quality institutions is constantly increasing in India during the last 9 years. Number of AIIMS has tripled, 250 medical colleges have been opened in just the last 9 years compared to 380 medical colleges in the seven decades after Independence. Many new IIM and IIT came up during these 9 years.

The Prime Minister expressed delight that Karnataka has reached another milestone in terms of connectivity as the Siddharoodha Swamiji Station now has the largest platform in the world. He underlined that it is not just any record or extension of a platform but it is forwarding the thinking which gives priority to infrastructure development. He also noted that the electrification of Hosapete – Hubbali – Tinaighat section and the upgradation of Hosapete station reinforce this vision. The Prime Minister informed that coal is transported for industries on a large scale through this route and after the electrification of this line, the dependence on diesel will reduce thereby protecting the environment in the process. The Prime Minister underlined that these efforts will speed up the economic development of the region and promote tourism at the same time.

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