Sonu Sood Exposes Deepfake Scam, Urges Vigilance Amidst Growing Threat

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood recently confronted a distressing incident involving a deepfake video. Sood, known for his philanthropy, received the fabricated video on social media and promptly took action to clarify the situation.

Taking to his social media platform, Sood shared the deepfake video to dispel any confusion. In the video call, an impersonator, utilizing deepfake technology, interacted with a family seeking financial assistance for medical treatment. The imposter falsely assured them of support from Sonu Sood, exploiting the family’s vulnerable situation.

In a candid caption accompanying the video, Sood expressed concern over the misuse of deepfake technology and shared insights into his upcoming film, ‘FATEH’. The movie draws inspiration from real-life incidents involving deepfake videos and fraudulent loan applications. Sood urged followers to remain vigilant, cautioning against falling victim to such scams. He wrote, “Many innocent individuals fall into this trap. I request all of you to be vigilant if you receive such calls. #fateh.”

On the professional front, Sonu Sood is actively involved in the production of ‘FATEH,’ a collaboration between Zee Studios and Sood’s production company, Shakti Sagar Productions. The film promises a unique blend of action and distinctive settings, featuring Sood and Jacqueline Fernandez in leading roles.

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