This Story Of A 47-Year-Old’s Miraculous Pregnancy Will Remind You Of Badhaai Ho Movie

Have you seen the Bollywood feature film ‘Badhai Ho’ where Ayushman Khurrana’s mother (acted) Neena Gupta got pregnant in her old age?

In the movie, Gupta’s character Priyamvada becomes pregnant at quite an age. And the film shows how her children, who were once disgusted, came around and supported her decision to have the child.

Now, a similar incident will simply remind you of the movie we just mentioned.

The story features 23-year-old Arya Parvathi and her 47-year-old Amma. In the post, Arya spoke about how her mother’s late pregnancy came as a shock to her at first, but later the situation became easier and she was overjoyed to welcome her baby sister.

“One phone call changed my life. Last year, a few days before I was supposed to go back home for my vacation, I got a call from Appa. He seemed restless. A few minutes later, he said, ‘Amma is pregnant.’ I didn’t know how to react…that’s not something you just hear your parents say at 23. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. Amma was 47,” read the first portion of the post.

Arya also reminisced how her parents were scared and rather ashamed to break the news to her. “After Appa gave me the news, he said they had kept it a secret because they didn’t know how I would react. A few days later, when I reached home, I fell on Amma’s lap & started crying. I said, ‘Why would I be ashamed?’ I had wanted this for so long,” the post added.


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