WATCH: “Drive Carefully,” Shikhar Dhawan’s 3 Yr Old Advice To Rishabh Pant Goes Viral

New Delhi: Three years ago, 25-year-old Rishabh Pant received a piece of driving safety advice from senior teammate Shikhar Dhawan. Rishabh Pant may have saved himself from the recent accident if he would have listened to his senior partner. At around 5.30 AM this morning, Pant’s car crashed into a road divider at Mangalore in Haridwar. Rishabh Pant had a narrow escape in the deadly accident, as evident from the videos of the post-crash footage doing round on the web. Shikhar Dhawan and Rishabh Pant’s old video has recently gone viral on social media. People are saying that the advice of elders should not be taken lightly.

The 11-second video is from a promotional video shot during the Indian Premier League 2019  when Shikhar Dhawan used to play for the Delhi Capitals. Both the cricketers, who are seen in DC jerseys, are probably playing a game, in which Pant tells Shikhar Dhawan in front of the camera, ‘One advice, which you want to give me.’ Dhawan replied, “drive carefully”… to which both chuckled and then Pant said, “Ok, I will take your advice and now I will drive carefully.”

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