Woman Comes Back To Life On The Way To Crematorium in Uttar Pradesh

Firozabad (UP): A woman who had been pronounced dead by doctors came back to life while she was being transported to a crematorium in Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh. This stunning occurrence was reported from Firozabad, where doctors deemed Haribheji, an 81-year-old widow who had suffered a brain haemorrhage, to be brain dead.

She suddenly opened her eyes, shocking everyone as they were taking her for her last rites. She was brought home but she died the next day.

She was brought to the trauma centre in Firozabad on December 23. Her brain stopped working on Tuesday, following which the doctors pronounced her dead.

She did, however, open her eyes as she was being taken to the crematorium. She was in poor health and passed away on Wednesday.

After that, Sugriv Singh, her son, performed her final rites. Her son described the entire incident to the public and claimed that although his mother was still alive, doctors had already proclaimed her dead.

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