Indigo Flight Delayed by Hoax Bomb Claim: Woman Detained at Cochin Airport

Mumbai: A Mumbai-bound Indigo flight was delayed by an hour on Tuesday morning after a 37-year-old woman made a hoax bomb claim. The woman was reportedly frustrated with the check-in process and claimed that there was a bomb in her baggage.

The woman was handed over to the police, who registered a case against her under Section 118(b) of the Kerala Police Act. This section carries a maximum penalty of three years in jail or a fine of up to Rs 10,000.

The flight was eventually able to depart after the security checks were completed. The woman was later released from custody.

This is the second such incident reported at the airport within a week. On July 28, another passenger made a hoax bomb claim after becoming frustrated with security procedures.

It is important to remember that making false bomb claims can have serious consequences. They can disrupt the smooth functioning of airports and flights, and they can also lead to criminal charges.

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