2 Dead, 6 Injured in Manjuvirattu Bull Chasing Event in Tamil Nadu

Chennai: Two persons lost their lives during a Manjuvirattu bull-chasing event during a temple festival in Tamil Nadu’s Kandramanickam on Thursday. Six others were seriously injured.

Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin expressed his condolences to the families of the dead and announced an ex-gratia of Rs 3 lakh to the next of kin of each deceased.

Manjuvirattu is a traditional sport of bull-chasing like the Jallikattu. During Manjuvirattu, several bulls are released one by one. Persons participating in the event try to cling onto the hump of the bull, while the bull tries to shake off the person or hook them with its horns as it runs. Participants able to hold onto the bull for a predetermined time and distance win prizes. It also has ‘Kattu Maadu’ session, where the bulls are tied to a pole and people attempt to remove gifts tied to their horns. Around 32 men were injured during this event, of which eight were hospitalised.

Around 252 bulls participated in the Kandramanickam Manjuvirattu event. It was inaugurated by DMK minister Periyakaruppan.

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