2 Male Panthers Killed in Fight for Supremacy in Rajasthan Forest

Jaipur: Two male panthers died within a week in Kailadevi Wildlife Sanctuary (KWS) in Rajasthan’s Karauli. According to forest officials, lethal fight for male supremacy led to their deaths.

Both panthers were seriously injured in the fight between them for the territorial supremacy in the Dagra plateau of Sakda forest area in the Nainiya range within the Kailadevi Wildlife Sanctuary (KWS). Receiving information about the death of these wild cats, forest department personnel reached the spot. Both bodies were taken to the Sapotra range headquarters, where their carcass was disposed of as per the prescribed norms, following autopsy.

The body of the first panther was discovered by a forest patrol on February 9 Kedar Baba Devasthan. It was a 4-year-old panther. On Sunday, another panther was found dead within 1 km in the same forest area.

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